In this exhibition at the Julio Fine Arts Gallery, strikeWare Collective invites the Baltimore community to examine the complex history of Jesuit slaveholding and its ongoing impact on Maryland communities, including those related to Loyola University. Unrested recognizes the 272 individuals sold by the Jesuits, reinterprets literature and visuals specific to Loyola University, and draws upon historical records to find parallels to current day trends. The exhibition employs new media technologies, extended reality artworks, and interactive displays in an aestheticized exploration of the ongoing archival research pursued by students and faculty of Loyola University.

Unrested holds a mirror to an unresolved past. The exhibition overlaps material, message, and form to present how social institutions have affected several generations. We encourage the community to join us, immersing themselves in the extended reality artworks, using devices to augment the material works displayed, or by being a part of the living sculptural installations.
Artist’s home page of Mollye Bendell, a contemporary artist