Sondheim Prize - Semifinalists. Decker and Meyerhoff Gallery. Baltimore, MD.* (forthcoming)
Renovations, The Carroll Museums, Baltimore, MD.
Merkin Dreams, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD.


Experience Lab, New York Electronic Arts Festival, New York City, NY.
Traces of the Spirit, Baltimore Museum of Art. Baltimore, MD.
Transceiver Radio, Transformer, Washington, DC


fishTank, Marble Bar, Baltimore, MD
Young Blood, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, The Menial Collection, Baltimore, MD.
Politics of Machines: Art and After
, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lucky Suns, Center for Art Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD.


Slow Form, School 33, Baltimore, MD.
Resistant Cells, UMBC Spark for Light City 2017, Baltimore, MD.
FFMM: Feminism Fights Military Morals, Ballroom Gallery, Baltimore, MD.
Artists for Truth, Space Camp, Baltimore, MD.
FFPP: Feminism Fights Patriarchal Power, Space Camp, Baltimore, MD.


Thirteen Ways to Protest: a series of five minute personal protest tactics, sindikit, Baltimore, MD. (with Leah Michaels.)
XXchange, Area 405, Baltimore, MD.


Mollye Bendell makes digital and analog sculptures to connect with digital and analog worlds. Her work uses the intangible nature of electronic media as a metaphor for exploring vulnerability, visibility, and longing in a world that can feel isolating.


MFA, Intermedia and Digital Art, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland, 2018.
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Hons. Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 2012.